Construction-Mining Aero-Space Ship-Station with camouflaged subterranean robotic ecologic mining drill on Earth (Unexplored Ocean, Arctic, Antarctic, Mountains, Forests, Deserts, Rivers, Lakes, Urban, Rural), Moon, Venus, Mars, Ceres, Europa, Ganymede, Titan, Encedalus, Titania, Triton, Pluto, Eris and Asteroids (Psyche etc).

Mountain Vacuum Tunnel hydrogen-photonic-electric space-cannon can shoot cargo, avatar-bots and laser-rocket-mirror spaceships to escape velocity.

Primary objective is underground/water real estate (residential/commercial including Art-Tech Home-Office Global Incubator University Tunnel Campus), transportation (electric vehicles under normal and low pressure vacuum), energy underground/water (geothermal/biodigesting).

Secondary reject sub-product mining system that allows preservation/sustainable economic use of the soil during/after mining of subsoil, without the need for previous national mining research, rights or concessions.

Every real estate unit or lot on Earth can tunnel underground to expand usage, access/store water underground (also anti-flooding), biodigester sewage/organic energy, geothermal energy, mining and disaster shelter.

In opposition to open pit mining with explosives that devastate the soil and the environment during and after mining. Reduced mineral extraction of the subsoil to maintain structural sustainability of the soil can be more than offset by the preserved economic value of the soil and subsoil during and after mineral depletion.

In addition to environmental benefits makes traditional mining obsolete, politically incorrect and illegal, due to more advantageous alternative technology. There is no reason to allow environmental devastation or partial recovery after the depletion, after decades of high environmental costs and losses from alternative land uses.

Garden/Forest, re-garden/re-forest with natural and/or artificial trees/plants on low cost lands, deserts, mountains, oceans, lakes, rivers while still social-economically using it for underground eco-construction-mining of real estate residential-commercial, storage, transportation, units under-ground and in/above forest.

(Hive Modular Ducts and Tatubee Ecologic Drill - "Armadillo-Bee")

HIVE DUCT-MODULE : hive formatting drilling allows maximum utilization of the sub-soil with structural support and simultaneous and subsequent use of the soil. Vertical drilling (future elevator shaft) with lateral formation of cells (future real estate modules) for agricultural ( storage of water/production), geothermal energy production, transportation (vacumized horizontal tunnels for high speed autonomous electric cars and trains, including long distance gravitational propelled train) industrial, commercial, residential real estate development. Harnessing mineral of all subsoil is a by product (recycled reject) of the real estate project and does not require national mineral concessions.

MULTIFLEX DUCT-DRILL: front (vertical elevator shaft and/or horizontal tunnel) and lateral (cells for real estate modules) multiflex drill . Aqua (high pressure water cutting, piercing, cooling, vapor recycled generator of thermal energy), H2/H2O molecular fuel rocket, electric arc plasma electrodes/induction coil, photo solar laser (thermal concentrated photo/electric piercing, cutting, melting, ablation, spallation), drill (corkscrew rotation), attrition blade holes (scrape and suck soil) and jackhammer (impact spear) can penetrate any soil, vacuum materials (solid, liquid and gas) through duct of mechanic-robotic and electro-photonic/magnetic separation and processing. All equipment must be ecologically camouflaged with native vegetation and sealed from contact with the environment. The soil remains preserved and economically available while the subsoil is mined and used. The material extracted can be processed, recycled, stored as it is extracted with modular methods as magnetic loops, resonance, induction, imaging, mechanic, robotic, manual, aquatic, aerial,chemical, biological, temperature, pressure, color, laser, near infrared, x ray, high spectral and other imaging, sensing, sorting systems. Water can create, dissolve and process mud/clay, fine grained, organics, while metallic rocks can be sorted to one side while non-metallic rocks/large-grained as granites, quartz, crystals are moved to another and part of the material is reused to build permanent multi-functional tunnels for storage, housing, transportation etc.